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Username Post: Good size Hunting Rifle???        (Topic#10969)
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12-22-09 04:42 PM - Post#88931    

Hey guys,
I'm a young bloke (13)and live down here in Australia, NSW. I've just started doing some hunting trips etc and been using my mate's .243. Takes a few shots to kill larger game and only 1 if your lucky and got good placement for rabbits, etc. But, My parents are looking to buy a gun that I can hunt comfortably with, one problem. They don't know a good size.
So, I'm asking you:
What size rifle should I be looking at that wouldbe light and nice for me to carry around, while still employing some power to drop game???
So far I've looked into some .270's but just a bit freaked out on the kick it throws off. SO, after reading all that, can you answer my question? Doesnt have to be relating to Australia, any answer wil do.


Connor M
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Connor M

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12-22-09 05:18 PM - Post#88932    

    In response to corndog815

“Welcome to the forums”

My son just turned 14 a week ago, and hunting this year he chose to shoot the .270 over a .243.

On a bench you may feel a little more recoil than what is comfortable, but off hand shooting. If you rock your body with the recoil it is not uncomfortable at all.

I was a bit surprised that my son chose the .270 over the .243, but was also happy that he was willing to try it.

My son is average height and weight, so I wouldn’t be too concerned over a .270 as being too big. Good luck with your choice.

The .270 is a fine caliber, and one that I think is a good choice if you are willing to give it a try.
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12-23-09 11:23 AM - Post#88961    

    In response to SamW

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.270 is a good all around gun.There is a wide range of ammo options for small to larger game.

What do you plan on hunting?That will have a bearing on your choice.
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12-23-09 01:17 PM - Post#88967    

    In response to helorider

Probably will be hunting mostly medium sized game eg rabbits, small pigs up too goats, boar etc but not too much large game. Also will be doing some target shooting as well.

Connor M
He who Hesitates has lost

Connor M

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12-23-09 02:03 PM - Post#88971    

    In response to corndog815

A .223 or .243 would be more than enough to kill any of the animals you listed. If it takes more than one shot to kill a rabbit with a .243, your shot placement was off. One of the more popular deer hunting cartridges is the .243, so it has plenty enough kill power for a rabbit. If you do want a .270, go for it. The recoil isn't bad, I was shooting my .270 at around your age, probably 13-14 I'd say. Anyhow, any of the three cartridges mentioned above will suit your needs.
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12-24-09 09:01 AM - Post#88987    

    In response to fubar214

i can't remember his name, but there is a famous hunter that has taken most everything on the african continent with a .270 back in the ( 30's 40's 50's )

that is as much evidence of probably that being the best all around cartridge as it's possible to get in my opinion
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12-27-09 04:46 PM - Post#89054    

    In response to ivarr

Well for starters, I wouldnt be hunting rabbits with the same gun you would be boar and deer etc, if you plan on eating it and want anything left. A .243 or .270 or even a .223 would blow a rabbit to apart. You can easily hunt rabbit with a .22 lr or shotgun, although I prefer .22lr simply because I do not kill something I do not intend on eating. That said, I do not know all the game in Australia, but what you have mentioned, I think a .270 would be plenty adequate. Assuming your hogs are as big as they are here in East Texas, and your deer? are about the same size. Either way, a .270 would be good for all you have mentioned, except for the rabbits. Of course I hear that rabbits are a huge problem in Australia (Might have to come visit yall some time and help the local farmer and get me food for a year). As to the kick of a .270, it might be much for a youngster but if you can handle a .243 with no problem, and want a gun you can "grow-into", then .270 in my honest opinion would be the great choice for you. Recoil might take some getting used to, but should certainly be tolerable for you as opposed to .308, .30-06, 300win mag etc. Goodluck and happy hunting!
12-31-09 05:51 AM - Post#89168    

    In response to GunFanatic37

.223 or .243 will serve you well.

That hunter was W.D.M. "Karamojo" Bell. He used m ostrly a 6.5X55 and a 7X57 fro control hunting of elephants.

Jack O'connor also "allegedly" took most African game, other than the "Big Five" with a .270.
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02-26-10 07:19 PM - Post#90990    

    In response to corndog815

Other than a Bantang a .243 is plenty big enough to shoot anything you got.

A good quality bullet (I shoot Barnes TTSX 80 gr) will put the smack down on reds for sure.
who me
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03-08-10 12:45 AM - Post#91325    

    In response to fubar214

I concur 100%. If you are having problems killing game with a 243 you need to get more time on the range and learn proper shot placement.

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Gun Ho
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03-08-10 01:15 AM - Post#91326    

    In response to who me

Go with a .270 mate.It's the 270 that Jack O'Conner made famous.He killed nearly every animal that walks with it.And ammo is plentiful in that caliber too.You'll get used to the recoil.One thing it'll teach you is don't shoot til you intend to drop an animal.

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