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Username Post: EEA Bounty Hunter - single action 22 lr/22 mag?        (Topic#12607)
Probationary Member
01-21-11 08:07 AM - Post#100812    

I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of this company. I personally haven't heard of them before.

The pistol seems to be built pretty well. Heavy for a 22. Stainless or maybe nickel plating. Eight shot cyliders (one for lr, one for mag).

Any info would be appreciated. I'm considering purchasing this and would like some info before I do. Not to much chatter on the net about this company.

Shooter/Master Member
01-22-11 06:16 AM - Post#100850    

    In response to Jangle1965

Being that EAA is just the importer of the firearm and not the manufacturer - they also import guns made by Tanfoglio and Zastava - it would depend on who actually makes the Bounty Hunter revolvers. I do know that the Windicator double-action revolvers that EAA imports have kind of a so-so reputation for build quality and reliability, so depending on whether the Bounty Hunters are made by the same company, it may be the same deal with those. Bear in mind that, being that it's an imported gun, any kind of warranty issues that might arise

Price-wise, it looks to be between a Heritage Arms Rough Rider and a Ruger Single Six. The Rough Riders aren't TOO terrible, but they are definitely built more cheaply than the Rugers (which, like most of their guns, are built like friggin' tanks). Honestly, for the money, I'd be more inclined to go with a used Single Six than a new Rough Rider or Bounty Hunter. I often see used Rugers going for $250 to $275 locally in good condition.

Unless you're specifically set on a single-action revolver, though, the best thing you can get for a cheap, solid, worthwhile plinkin' revolver would be an Harrington & Richardson (H&R) 622 or 922 revolver (six- or nine-shot). They can be fired in double or single action mode, and they have barrel lengths anywhere from about 2.5" to 6". I have a 6" barrel 622 that I picked up in good shape for $115 last year and it's been wonderful - accurate, reliable, shoots any kind of .22 ammo you could ever want (except .22 WMR, of course), really easy to clean ... just a great little shooter.
Isabella Grace
Probationary Member
03-08-12 02:10 PM - Post#106954    

    In response to darkwriter77

Thanks you for the post.
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