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Username Post: Canada Looking for New Polar Bear Rifle        (Topic#14979)
Ben Sobieck
Probationary Member
09-04-12 04:35 AM - Post#108622    

The Canadian army is looking for a new polar bear rifle for its Arctic units. It's been issuing vintage Lee-Enfields because of their cold weather performance, but parts are hard to come by.

Here's the article at Gun Digest.

What do you think would make for a good polar bear rifle?
Shooter/Master Member
09-04-12 08:55 AM - Post#108629    

    In response to Ben Sobieck

I was actually discussing the use of SMLE rifles in the North the other day at the range. My brother once lived in Alaska/Yukon for a few years. It is a different culture up there in regards to the Indians/Eskimos and the Canucks. Americans love their guns and love their magnums even more. The poor Eskimos can't afford a nice Weatherby or Kimber rifle - but apparently the old surplus .303 rifles have been quite popular for many years up there and they do indeed use them on bear and other critters. My brother used to hunt moose with a .270 and carried a surplus 8mm Mauser for "meaner critters". It is less a matter of caliber and more a matter of necessity and skill. You use what you have.

Probationary Member
09-11-12 03:35 PM - Post#108699    

    In response to Jess

I'd suggest the Mosin-Nagant. They don't make rifles more rugged. And they've been PROVED in the Arctic, etc. The round is at least the equal of the 303 British. The M-44 is short, easy to maneuver and, with a jungle carbine-type flash supressor, would be ideal for the job. The other option I can think of is an O-U twelve gauge, with slugs and/or buckshot.
Shooter/Master Member
09-11-12 11:16 PM - Post#108702    

    In response to oldvet

Technically - you are correct. That being said, if I was to go toe to toe with a bear, I would choose a SMLE over a Nagant because of the bolt action. The Nagant bolt operation is rugged but "awkward" by Western standards while the SMLE can be cycled quite quickly if need be.
09-18-12 06:38 AM - Post#108746    

    In response to Jess

If I was limited to a military issue rifle for Dangerous game, I think I'd select the HK91. (G-3)

It's utterly reliable, like the AK, rapid fire, dead nuts accurate, both arctic and desert proven, and relatively cheap on government contract orders.
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